I made a guest appearance on the weekly Google+ Hangout, Tuesday Ten with CadChica Sports, hosted by Sunny Cadwallader. Social Media Sports Chat (#SMSportsChat) host, Tariq Ahmad, was a special co-host.

A variety of topics were discussed, in relation to Internet marketing and sports teams and leagues:

  • Underused social media platforms: Google+, most of the content is duplicate from other social networks. Teams & leagues have plenty of content to share, so make it different. No reason to connect there if content is the same. Plus, Google+ HOA with current /former players and executives.
  • What sports teams can do to increase & measure ROI: For teams with an invested fan base, use it to connect with fans and show behind the scenes. Measurement is simple engagement metrics.
    For teams who don’t have an invested fan base, do the same, but another outlet to get people to purchase merchandise and tickets. Measurement can be tracked via web analytics.
  • What I’d like to see teams do in the NFL Draft in social media: Behind the scenes footage of draft prep and draft party, along with information on drafted players (another visual opportunity).

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