It’s been the talk on social media, Peyton Manning saying “Omaha” in a handful of plays in the AFC Divisional & Championship games.

According to Topsy, the social analytics website, Omaha was mentioned 49,853 times on the day of the AFC Divisional game, and 143,609 times during the AFC Championship game.

In this day in age of real-time conversation, brands are trying to be part of it.

It’s only appropriate the Omaha tourism division, and Omaha Steaks do what brands should do, be part of the conversation.

It all started last year with Oreo, during the blackout.

It’s now expected, especially from brands who are related to the event in some fashion, to be part of the conversation.

Omaha Tourism

Omaha Tourism was on top of the social game for both games.

They acknowledged what was happening real-time, engaged, and became a cheerleader of sorts, connecting themselves with the fans and the game.

T-shits were produced for the AFC Championship game, with production getting a few tweets.

Omaha Steaks

Looks like no one routinely manages social during the weekends, because they acknowledged Monday morning of 600+ mentions (bravo to them for doing so, under the circumstances).

They did have someone on duty for the AFC Championship game.

Not only they produce some clever text messages, but they also made a donation to Peyton Manning’s charity for every time he said “Omaha.”

Kudos to them (even if they were a little slow)!