Live streaming of complete professional sports seasons has been a mainstay for more then a decade. Major League Baseball have been the front-runner in this, with the NBA, NHL to follow, including smaller leagues such as the MLS and WNBA.

One league has been lagging behind, the NFL. There are reasons for that (business & money), but some relief is coming.

DirecTV has been the longtime exclusive holder of NFL Sunday Ticket for quite some time now.

The only way to get the package was to be a subscriber to DirecTV. People who don’t have DirecTV or can’t get DirecTV as a result of being in apartments, high-rises or HOA restricted properties were shut out.

A matter of fact, DirecTV and the NFL agreed to a $12 billion 8-year contract extension for the service.

There would be a mad exodus of subscribers if DirecTV didn’t have exclusive rights.

Money talks, yet trends in technology doesn’t.

The streaming aspect factors in because those who had NFL Sunday Ticket also had access to the live streaming service, where subscribers were able to watch on a computer, smartphone or tablet.

I had access to the live streaming portion of NFL Sunday Ticket in 2013 through a limited edition special offer from EA Sports and it’s popular Madden game. While it was great to have the service, it had plenty of room for improvement with the purchase of the game.

The availability of the service changed slightly last year when DirecTV offered the streaming portion of the service, which was available on computers, tablets and smartphones to those who don’t have DirecTV. The catch is you had to qualify, which, typically went to those who live in apartments or HOA restricted properties and Universities.

Last season was a test run more or less because this year they’re bringing the NFL Sunday Ticket live streaming service is back, but it’s a little more structured and will be available to more people (not to mention increased marketing) on more devices.

On top of the computer, smartphone and tablet (Apple iOS, Android, Windows), NFL Sunday Ticket live streaming can be accessed on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, XBOX One, XBOX 360, Chromecast and Roku (Apple TV fans will have to wait).

Warning: The price is steep.

  • Only on computer, tablet, smartphone: $49.99 (4 payments)
  • Only on Xbox, PlayStation, Roku: $64.99 (4 payments)
  • Computer, tablet, smartphone, XBOX, PlayStation, Roku, Chromecast with access to Red Zone Channel and Fantasy Zone: $89.99 (4 payments)

You can pay in one lump sum, if you have the money to do so.

One you subscribe, you will then be able to download the app, unless you desire to watch on the computer which will be shown on your browser of choice.