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Welcome to Clair Wyant’s website to showcase him as an Internet marketing professional with experience in impacting businesses bottomline through Internet Marketing.

The experience Clair brings are from diverse group of industries & companies ranging from local & regional businesses to e-commerce to a nationally syndicated radio talk show, to real estate where success was measured by analytics and bottomline in both agency & in-house environments.

Clair holds multiple certifications, including HubSpot Inbound Marketing, Google AdWords and Google Analytics, and is a member of the Digital Analytics Association.

Clair’s main strength is digging into digital analytics, exploiting gaps in campaigns that can be fine tuned for maximum exposure and conversion. When time is appropriate, UX/UI is also analyzed.

Digital analytics software experience Clair brings includes Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Ads & Facebook Insights for data gathering combined with Tableau & Google Data Studio for data visualization along with Excel and Google Sheets for additional manipulation or data extracting.

Besides analytics, Clair brings a wealth of experience with measurable success across digital marketing:

History of above average open rate & click through rate

History of increasing organic exposure & sessions YOY

Work with vendors to strategize campaigns

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Create and maintain websites utilizing CMS

Maintaining social media campaigns while increasing engagement & new page likes

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View Clair Wyant’s Digital Marketing Analytics Portfolio

Clair’s experience & success across digital marketing brings the understanding how the various areas of digital marketing relate with one another & how they can impact each other for ROI.

Currently, Clair is a Digital Marketing Manager for a property management company where he oversees all aspects of Internet marketing, and serving as an Internet marketing advocate for the more then 100 apartment communities the property management company serves.

Clair has been hands on with technology and the digital life at an early age. He’s been adaptable to the scope of change it constantly takes place through sharing within the community, reading & experimenting.

You can find Clair attending conventions and networking events involving technology, digital media and Internet marketing. He’s given back to the community by hosting several successful tweetups, college alumni gatherings and volunteering at WordCamp Phoenix.

Additionally, Clair brings the understanding of capturing an audience & holding on to them not only in the modern age of Internet marketing, but also through exposure in the TV news industry.

When Clair isn’t making magic on the Internet, he can be found traveling, cooking (particularly grilling), working out, attending a sporting event or concert or checking out a local food festival.

Clair was born and raised in Tucson, AZ, and currently resides in Phoenix, Ariz. Clair has previously lived in Los Angeles, Calif., Flagstaff, Ariz., London, England and Boston, Mass.