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Certification awarded by Google to show proficient knowledge of the Google Ads platform. Covers paid ads in Google search, retargeting, geotargeting, targeting interests and appropriate strategies for various situations.

While clicks, CTR and CPC are obvious analytical factors, bounce rate goal conversion plus assisted conversions were key analytics when maintaining campaigns. Clair’s Google Ads experience comes from Google search ads for Live News Stream, and served as an internal advocate and consultant while working with a third-party vendor.

Additional strategies include a landing page that served for lead capture purposes. Results include CTR decreased, clicks increased, inquiries increased and apartment leases were signed at a higher rate.

While acting as an internal consultant, opportunity was found where reporting wasn’t real-time or “spoke the language” of those making money impacting decisions. Internal reporting was produced to assist those of interest using Google Data Studio with Supermetrics connector to Google Analytics.

The Google Analytics certification covers the basics of all of the various aspects of Google analytics, from user acquisition, behavior and retention to the user journey, goal completion and e-commerce metrics. While Google Analytics is a free platform, it’s extremely powerful with new features always being added to enhance reporting.

Clair has used Google Analytics on virtually every type of website from e-commerce to a multi-platform website to mom & pop business to streaming video and a heavy content publisher.

Looking at Google Analytics data has resulted in readjusting a website which has helped gain more visibility online, enhancing user experience which has resulted in higher lead inquiries, more page views, more sales but has also helped grow businesses.

Clair brings a familiarity of Google Tag Manager, but the skill set exceeds when analyzing data in Google Analytics or on BI software such as Tableau or Google Data Studio for reporting purposes to those of interest.

Hubspot Inbound Marketing covers the inbound marketing technique and how various aspects of digital marketing (websites, SEO, social media, PPC, etc) relate with each other along with the customer journey.

Such techniques have been implemented of various client websites during Clair’s digital marketing career. While industry and digital marketing intent varies from industry to industry, one aspect that remains constant is time and place for all things digital and ultimately impacting business bottom line. Clients have experienced higher website traffic with higher inquiries as a result of using inbound marketing techniques.

While keeping as current as possible with the technologies of the modern age is one half of the constant battle, it’s using the basic fundamentals that still assist in the ultimate goal of any Internet marketing campaign. Utilizing both ultimately brings the results.

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Clair was an absolute pleasure to work with. When Clair was managing a project I knew it was going to get done with minimal oversite. What was originally a training role quickly turned into a position that I could count on to get the project done under budget, on time and with minimal revisions needed. Clair works great under pressure and has a knack for picking up new job skills on the fly. I relied on him a ton and I was not disappointed. In fact, I look forward to working with Clair again in the future. Top Notch!

Ed Higgins, DKD Arts LLC

Have the pleasure of being colleagues with Clair for several years, and his intelligence, professionalism, and personality are top notch. His in-depth knowledge of SEO and digital marketing practices are second to none, and he is always sharpening his skills and insights into these entities by way of trainings, networking, daily learnings, etc. Clair also does a great job of transitioning his skillset across various industries, and absolutely look forward to working with him on projects in the future.

Tariq Ahmad, Social Media Consultant

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Clair develop and hone his skills in digital and social media marketing for several years as a member of the Social Media Club here in Greater Phoenix. He’s always been someone willing to help out in any number of ways, and has always been supportive of our community in the Valley. The work he’s done for multiple companies, whether it’s been in lead gen, e-commerce, SEO and just digital marketing on the whole has always impressed, and he brings his helpful and gracious approach with him wherever he goes.

Vincent OrleckVincent Orleck, Social Media Marketing/Strategy for ASU Knowledge Enterprise
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Conferences & Membership Associations

Yearly conference comprised of panels, presentations, and networking of WordPress users, developers & vendors from the Phoenix area & across the country. It’s hosted by the local Phoenix area WordPress community designed for beginners to experts.

Monthly meetup of local Phoenix area WordPress users and developers filled with networking, presentations, tips and tricks and the opportunity to gain assistance with challenges one is encountering or help out with other users challenges. The latest happenings with the open-sourced software is also discussed & debated about.